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You taken Flower Of Life Akashic Certification Training Level 1 and you have seen first hand the power of this work!

That’s why I am inviting you to claim your seat for the all new Level 2 & Level 3 Flower Of Life Akashic Certification Training!

I am so thrilled to be opening the doors to this deep dive sacred experience into Akashic healing, activation’s, next level clearing work, and SO so much more!

If you’ve been loving this work and are ready to go deeper either for personal development or do to this work on behalf of others then here is your opportunity.

You can do Level 2 or if you are feeling the call to turn this work into a profitable source of income you can go all the way to Level 3!

And the EXTRA bonus:

As you move through your own soul-level transformation you can turn around and support other women in doing the same through an Akashic Healing Transformational High Value Healing Program at the end of Level 3.

Becoming a guide to other women as they transform their lives is some of the MOST gratifying work you could ever do! The things is, until we move through our own transform it’s very hard to guide others!

SO here is your chance..

How far you go is up to you, and both options give you a ton of value to increase your impact and your income.

In the Flower Of Life Akashic Certification Level 2 Training we will cover the following:

Class 1
Restoring the feminine blueprint, and activating ancient wisdom codes with lunar and season flow work

Class 2
Discover and uncover the 9 Divine Feminine Leadership Archetypes & how to work with the unique blueprints of each to align to your soul’s highest path and purpose. These are fluid, and chances are you will have 2 most prominent archetypes that influence your purpose, gifts, power, message and mission.

Class 3
Advanced Akashic clearing work strategies & clearing work for present lifetimes issues.

Class 4
Akashic Activation’s & a guided journey’s
to support, empower and shift your clients into alignment with their soul’s blueprint. The Akashic Field is a wondrous high frequency woven field of intelligence that we can literally play in with visual imprinting and imagination! It’s so powerful because within the field we are plugged into a source of energy that can illuminate subconscious communication, while we bring in different frequencies to support an overall outcome!

Understand the earth elements and the unique qualities of healing each poses - how to use them as homework or in guided journey ‘s for yourself and with clients. This includes dance, or movement to ignite the medicine of each element in the field for our empowerment!

Class 5
A breakdown of 7 important goddesses and how to journey with each: sarasvati, Kali, quan yin, Lakshmi, Isis, Aphrodite, Artemis, Dianna, Mary Magdeline

Intuitively guide your own Akashic healing journeys for yourself or others whether it be one or one or group work!

Class 6
Group clearing & activation methods
for your radiant rise and to support the radiant rise of other woman (Host your own Flower Of Life Women’s Healing Circle)

Class 7
Relationship clearing work & reharmonizing
. As you grow, shift and create more space for the beauty of your dreams, your relationships will need to grow, shift and evolve as well. Relationship clearing work gives an energetic mirror to the dynamics at play between people. This is a beautiful gift for yourself when needing clarity, but also for others if you choose to support other woman with this method.

Here we will dive into relationship clearing work both past and present lifetime.

We will also dive deeper into the Mother Wound exploring the depth of this wound, and how to heal, empower and evolve this relationship as you step forward in your own purposeful growth.

Class 8
Inner Child healing with present lifetime clearing work.
This is a huge piece that often gets under-looked when we step forward into our growth and evolution on this path. Many a woman will hit a wall as she pushes forward into her power and sacred vision. Without resolving inner child wounds it is hard to fully anchor into

Class 9
Q & A
Group Flower Of Life Level 2 Initiation & Clearing Work

All training calls are recorded.
There is a private Facebook group community for Q & A’s
Bonus: Group New Moon Q & A month 1 and month 2
1 20 Minute final one on one soul coaching session to support you prior to certification for level 2

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There are NO RETURNS ON PURCHASES. Every effort has been made to make to represent the program in detail and clearly! The value of the program FAR exceeds the investment. Should you make a purchase you are held 100% responsible for paying in full.


Inner Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine Healing/rebalancing, union as you step into your personal empowerment, and model a new paradigm of sovereignty on the planet at this time.

Step into your own divine feminine power, and have your divine feminine masculine step aside as your authentic leadership as a sacred woman emerges. Feel free and powerful as you navigate your life from true free empowerment.

New Paradigm Money Mastery with clearing and healing work

Explore your own relationship with money currently

Lineage healing with money

Root Chakra Healing

The creation of your own Flower Of Life Akashic Business Blueprint so you can take this work, and higher value transformations out into the world while making money living the life you feel called to.