Certified Akashic Practitioner Directory

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Jennifer Grundner

Jen is a creative, highly sensitive, nature loving intuitive and photographer deeply in love with guiding spirited women in reconnecting to their innate wisdom and joy, and empowering them to create fulfilling lives that nourish their soul.


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Robin Bonneau

I am a fitness instructor and studio owner who's purpose is to help others evolve, grow and enjoy their journey.


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Angelle Primeau

I am an energetic, compassionate young woman with a lot of wisdom and love to share. I enjoy taking women through the release of their old rooted patterns to find new purpose, love and contentment within themselves. Watching women move through their old stuck ways and into new fresh perspectives with a new peace and love within is the most amazing and rewarding experience.


Shannon Kelly

Shannon Kelly is the creator and editor of the Vintage Gypsy Magazine.

She is a Certified Flower of Life Akashic Records and Reiki Practitioner.

She is a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a friend.

She is a rebel child and a gypsy spirit.

She is a Love Warrior.

She believes in trusting the journey and that our strength as women comes from the bonds of friendship we nurture and the kindred sisterhood we share.

Sharing our stories empowers us all to live a more inspired life, and by doing so, we create positive change within our communities.

We can change the world, One story at a time.