Client Love For Tara Preston!


"Tara working with you one-on-one through your program was SO huge for me working with you . Thank god I stepped into this program".

"I was feeling suffocated in my life".

"All of your guided workshops and the one-on-one programs are helping a lot, along with figuring out what I want in a relationship and standing my ground. I communicated to the men in my life and I no longer feel pressure in my relationships".

"It's freedom. I trust myself fully.  I also just wanted to share that I am loving getting in sync with the moon". 

You rock. I hope you know how much you have helped me

Thank you for sharing your gifts You are very talented! I guess when the student is ready the teacher appears.

I am loving where I am at. I have come so far”. P.R. Mama, & Healer , Canada

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"Tara creates an extremely safe space for all of her clients to experience truly life changing transformation. I began to feel completely connected to my femininity in nature and with gentle guidance- melted away any and all insecurities of my True Self. I have come home to my body and fully accept who I am and what I am capable of".

"I feel seen, held and supported during all of our sessions".

"Her powerful and deep embodied sessions gave me the freedom and permission to express my true nature and bloom unapologetically into the most magnificent version of myself'.

"And for that I am truly grateful. I find myself returning for more and more healing and guidance. Every program offering more clarity and unmistakable growth".

"You will receive far more then you have imagined. Things you didn’t even know you needed and wanted -and it will be profoundly healing".

"Enrolling in her Year Long Program has been a goal of mine for three years. I start in a week and I know I will continue my journey with Tara- stepping into the powerful, visible, radiant feminine leader that I have been called to be".

Heather Giles, Radiant Weight Release Coach, Canada


"Thank you, thank you, thank you Tara! I'm so thrilled you reached out to me for this program! I'm connecting to my inner Goddess and my higher self more and more and I'm so grateful"!

"The major breakthrough for me was, by healing  my relationship with myself, all of my relationships healed at some level"!

"I've discovered that by loving myself, everything else just falls into place"!

"Tara helped me see my light because her light is so bright.  She comes from a place of love and I feel completely comfortable and safe under her care and guidance".

"And, I didn't tell you that since doing your intuition exercises with the cards and pendulum, using all of your guidance, my readings (for myself) have been spot on and crystal clear"!!!  Melissa, Healer, Canada


Dear Beautiful Woman,

How do I know to address you as Dear Beautiful Woman?

Because i am one and you are too. I didn't always feel this way about myself.

Sure , I had confidence in my abilities, but the actual deep seated glory of loving myself fully was once hidden by fear and guilt.

My journey hit fast forward when I signed up for coaching with Tara Preston with her "Awakening the Glamour Goddess" program.

She gently and intuitively guides you through a methodical  process of cleansing and healing and discovering and creating the life you truly long for!

When I have resisted ,Tara has held out her hand and helped me uncover more healing that i needed, without any judgement. She truly wants the best for you and I feel her love .

She has inspired me to be me, in all my glory!

I can't wait to meet the goddess that is you,

love and joy,

Kathy, Owner of  Intuitive Spirit Marketing, Canada


"I have been working with Tara for over a year now and the success I feel is indescribable"!

"As a salon owner, managing women can be difficult at times! Tara has taught me how important it is to spend time  on myself, dreaming, journaling, and connecting to my spirit daily in a beautiful space just for me".

"My new connection to my SELF is a powerful experience. My heart is open and I feel confident in my decisions, something I've always struggled with. I am no longer scared of what the future holds".

"I know if I make decisions trusting my intuition and not  in fear.. the path always unfolds beautifully. Tara has taught me how to love myself and find patience with myself and my staff really connecting with them by supporting their growth".

"I lead by example and I'm attracting the right people that support me in my journey. Each month is a new level of growth and success in my new power! I feel supported and enlightened always by her and feel eternally grateful for everything she has guided me to learn".

Lara, Owner Of Lavish District Hair Salon, Canada


"Through my work with Tara,  I have discovered (and powerfully claimed)  a clearer vision of what my purposeful direction is. Of course the purposeful direction was not showing up the way I thought & that is more exciting than what I had concluded it had to look like"!!!

'I discovered gratitude for my body! I realized that I was always 'working' on my being & excluding my body. This journey got me in touch with my body with a sense of gratitude that I words cannot explain. I now listen to my body & what it is communicating to me. I do not judge it like I used to & this in itself has created a change in my body".

"I feel sexier & more deserving & worthy of so many more things. I have totally come out of hiding"!

"I am choosing more for me! I always considered others before  I made a choice. Now, I am still aware of them but choose what will be the greatest contribution for me which in turn is unlocking them as well".

Here are some of my favourite parts of the journey:

- All the clearings from the Akashic Records. I have done a lot of energy work on areas that I felt stuck but they never really felt like they were taken care of. The clearing of the records totally shifted that for that good!! SO deep and SO powerful! - so grateful for that!

Goddess Patricia, Money & Lifestyle Coach


"I had never coached before I worked with Tara. The Akashic Records and her intuitive guidance facilitated healing work that really allowed me to step into the women I was being called to be...and at the perfect pace".

"It really did give me the clarity and confidence to step out and be seen in my beauty and power".

"She was supportive, loving and really genuine in her desire to assist me with moving into more of my purpose in life & business".

"Thank you so much Tara. I will never forget this"!

Karla, Spiritual Guide, & Healer, Canada

I just want to day that last piece we did for me changed everything and I believe it has taken major effect.

I am now moving forward with the next level of training for my work and have come to terms with so much in my life. I am ready for the world to see fully who I am and the woman I have yet to finish becoming.

Thank you for your patience, guidance and support. You have helped me tremendously. I am excited to be continuing with you. We will continue to grow together long afterwards.

Hugs and all the love I have to you for the impact you have made on my life. You are true angel in my life through this major life transition! I don’t know what I would have done without you.

Barb, Holistic Healer, Canada

Working with Tara has been truly transformational.

For years I have been exploring the general feeling of “this is my life?” but less than one year working with Tara has me really excited about my life.

I now trust myself and believe in my purpose.

I can see my beauty and my value, which shows up in my everyday life as being more peaceful, confident and decisive.

There is nothing like being fully supported and guided by a beautiful, solid, creative, wise soul and I would encourage anyone who wants any kind of “more” in their life to work with Tara. I am so grateful for my experience with her.

Kate,  Mother, Business Professional, Calgary, Canada