-Feminine Phoenix Rising -

A 9 moon soul initiation & manifesting program for conscious women ready to lead from the ease of their divine feminine.


There is a NEW woman emerging…


She is pioneering a way of being that is rooted in divine feminine magic and prosperity.


She hears the call, and honours the sacred vision that lives in her heart. She is ready to be the protective, empowered earth goddesses she was born to be.


This NEW woman knows that the old ways of society no longer work for her. She deeply desires to be a part of the collective healing that wants to happen if we are to birth a  world that supports the true more sustainable divine blueprint of humanity.


She  knows that if we are to follow the call and birth a new way of being that it first must begin with HER.


So, sister I ask you, will you be one of them?


Yes,  It is time for women to return to their natural nourished power and flourish in their own purposeful fulfillment.   


It’s time to RISE, rooted in our beauty, truth and power.  To use our energy not in obligation to a society that does not always align to our truth, but to use it to call in our true soul desires (not our conditioned wants), in order to walk the sacred feminine path we are called to walk at this time on the planet.


Yes, yes...It’s time to stop living out of pain, and to ride the wave of our pleasure into new prosperous paradigm bliss.


Life doesn’t have to be hard.


Money doesn’t have to be hard.


Relationships don’t have to be hard.

It’s time to create our lives on our own terms, using the feminine principles of pleasure,  rooted prosperity and flow, creativity, fun, attraction, desire and intuition.


Are you ready to let your soul have a say in how you create your life?


Imagine knowing clearly what you truly want, what your soul vision is for your life, then calling in your desires to create nourished authentic alignment.


Imagine knowing 1000% how worthy you are of receiving your dreams and having them come with so much more ease because of it.


Every women has unlimited riches that exist within her, potentially leading her to her deepest fulfillment..if she’s listening. The journey is not only uncovering the deeper desires, gifts, and dreams of your feminine self, but also in giving yourself FULL permission to claim them.


Cultivating and trusting your authentic feminine leadership is the key to creating life on your own terms.


What if the real reason your life is not feeling or looking the way you want to is because your scared to claim what you REALLY want?


Or, to lead your life the way you truly feel guided? (Which by the ways keeps you looping in endless patterns keeping you stuck at a success point that isn’t nourishing you anyways).


So I ask you, what do you really want and how much longer are you willing to sacrifice those deep desires for the needs and happiness of others?  


Through this 9 Month Initiation you will birth yourself anew as a sovereign, sacred women in true alignment with her soul path & calling, opening to the flow of new sources of true abundance.


Are you ready to…

  • lead your life from a place of soulful feminine desire, and unlimited possibility?

  • let your soul (your intuition) have a powerful voice in how you shape your life?

  • move past societal conditioning in order to break free from disconnection, disembodiment, and obligation so you can feel the true authentic freedom of leading fully from the nourished magic of your divine feminine?

  • drop the hustle and instead use the sacred woman’s tools of magic, magnetism, manifestation, and nourishing moon cycle flow?

  • take a stand for your true wants, needs, dreams and desires so you to can help create a new collective story for the next global wave of women pioneering a whole new way of being (think way less doing, and way more nourished abundance)?

  • brith a new paradigm of modern women boldly contributing to global healing all by choosing to show up in the boldness of their radiant, nourished, fully expressed authentic Self?

  • are you ready to connect to & embody your feminine essence?

  • are you ready to let your inner beauty be the leadership legacy you leave behind?




Mother Earth is waiting for her daughters to rise…


The world needs women who have come alive with passion.


Women who are ready to flow with their divine inspiration, and come alive with the beauty of their soul’s purpose!


We need women who are nourished, connected, expansive, radiant and aligned to who they truly are and who they feel called to be in the world.


This is what the world needs.

Women who can stand in their soul truth, offering the beauty of their nourished presence.


Women who have the taken a stand for their unique feminine perspective, and have the courage to birth the new vision of humanity that lives in their sacred feminine heart.


This is our chance to do it differently. This is our chance to dance in the light of our true dreams, and to flow, radiantly into our highest purpose for this lifetime.


What if the real scary truth is that you are more powerful, more beautiful, and more intuitive than you’ve let the world see you as up until now?


Begin a magical 9 month, soul initiation through the depths of your own inner landscape, into the freedom, prosperity, ease and soul led life you dream of!


Awaken to a new level of personal mastery, authentic feminine leadership, & radiant power.




You are a divine women.


The world might not fully see that yet, and you may not even see yourself as that yet, but your divine nature, the beauty that is uniquely you wants to be seen, shared with the world, and more than that she (your divine feminine Self), wants to lead in a way that feels unique to her, her gifts and her vision..


So very often your feminine spirit, is left in hiding, smothered by a myriad of obligations, and old ways of doing that actually don’t support the way you are naturally meant to flow, express or lead in this physical experience.


The soul if yearning to break free and truly find the freedom of authentic expression and the limitlessness it desires.


Do you feel the call to stretch beyond the ordinary?


Your feminine essence, beauty, intuition, creativity, gifts and souls purpose all desire to take up greater space here in the physical as the expression as the limitless expression of your inner beauty.







This is for you if you are:


  • ready to birth your BIG dreams, desires and uplevel your life or business?

  • dying for more space, time and freedom in your life, and are tired of pushing and trading time for dollars?

  • ready to let your intuition lead in your business, and life.

  • You see living your dreams doesn’t have to be hard. Most women don’t live the beauty of they feel called to live because they are worried about who it won’t work for, and who they may leave behind.


Sound like you?


Keep reading…


Society has been telling women who they should be for a long time...but who are you truly ready to become?


Every dream, every next level, will require a new you.


This new you will will require current you to step into more of your beauty, truth and power. And trust me when I say that rarely works for society!


You must be willing to let your soul inspirations lead you to the life you are destined to live. You must be willing to step out of the box of society and define a life that reflects your divine nature, and limitless capacity to expand beyond the narrow perceptions of traditional society!




Allow me to explain…


DESIRE is how are Feminine Soul speaks to us. Our WANTS our NEEDS, and Our soul longings IS our soul speaking to us, and if we are to experience the true fulfillment of our full authentic expression we MUST allow our soul to lead.


We must be ready to break free…


So are you?


If you are, then you are being called into a soul path initiation that will take you into the true divine power that you are being nudge to lead with.


This is where our true freedom lives. This is where we are given the opportunity to radiantly rise through the ashes of the old, and into the new of 5D Paradigm livin.  However until now there has really been no guides, no sacred container or WOMB to hold women as they shed the skin of old conditioning and wounds then boldly stepping into their full potential and power.


This is your time.


The time is now.


This is what the world needs.


Full empowered goddesses ready to be visible in who they are, what they want and who they feel called to serve in the world.


The old way will no longer work.


A new way is needed and that way is FEMININE.


Think pleasure, fun, inspiration, intuition and ease as you birth your soul -level self into the physical expression of who you came here to be.


Can you feel it?


You see….the world needs your WANTS~~!


The word needs your unique feminine perspective.


Mother Earth is crying out to you asking for you to create the space not only for lavish divine abundance but for you to birth the sacred vision for yourself. I guarantee whatever you are feeling called to be and do in the world is rooted in true feminine prosperity and collective healing...BUT if you choose to not follow the DESIRES, or to CHOOSE YOU, over the old conditioning, and needs of others the world's will never get to experience the TRUE reason you have come here.


It's bigger than you, and you feel it. I know I feel it to.


And in order to birth you next level of abundance, freedom and beauty you must be ready to shed the old and fully open to RECEIVE everything you are being inspired to live.


Hello low self worth!


I’ve been there.


It’s deeply rooted in something I often refer as the MOTHER WOUND.




It’s time to break the spell. To take the noose off. To break free.


To let women lead from their wisdom, empowerment, and true unique creative genius.


It’s time for women to KNOW to their bones that they are more than ENOUGH.


That the world NEEDS what they have to say, and do and be and share in the world.


Ready to say goodbye to an OLD way of being, and fully embody a new feminine evolutionary way of living?


Enter the womb of your rebirth…


Where you will be held, guided and witnessed as you move through a 9 month soul initiation.


This is about setting your feminine free, unlocking her deepest dreams and desires, and allowing life to be an absolutely playground for her highest empowered path and purpose.


Snake Medicine

For every new beginning there is an ending.

  • Cutting the cords of the past

  • Releasing the old

  • Reclaim your powerful feminine sovereign Self

  • Awakening your creative feminine shakti power

  • Claim space for your emergence.

  • DNA, subconscious, cellular healing with the Akashic Records



Emptying The Chalice

Emptying out in order to access the divine feminine within

  • Connect to your feminine spirit and uncovering her deeper needs.

  • Inner child/powerful woman/ higher Self alignment

  • Anchor into your woman’s womb wisdom

  • Awakening your sensual siren/body love

  • Fierce feminine boundary setting to honour your truth, & power


Spirit Guide Council Initiation

Master the art of deep listening & intuitive soul level alignment

  • Connect to your entire Spirit Guide team

  • Understand their specific role on your sacred path

  • Intuition 101

  • Spirit guide connection tools, techniques and transmissions

  • Spirit Guide sacred work vision quest and spirit guide talisman


Rewiring Pleasure Pathways
The key to feminine attraction & radiance

  • Build your energy for maximum radiance, abundance

        • Learn to lead with pleasure, inspiration and fun

        • Uncover your aligned pleasure pathways & clear self      sabotaging patterns with on going akashic healing

        • Root, reconnect & rise in sacred sexy union with your feminine Self



Authentic Feminine Leadership Activation

Cultivate your unique leadership style as a sacred women & lead with heart centered ease.

  • Trust your feminine intuition to lead you into greater abundance

        • Get crystal clear on the big vision that lives in your heart - your true soul's calling.

        • Align to divine power for true internal empowerment

        • Cultivate your truth and learn to use your voice

        • Learn to deeply trust the feminine to lead, rather than the logic of the masculine.

        • Release attachment to others approval, and define success on your own terms.


Elements & Embodiment

Embody your true sacred & sexy nature as a divine feminine woman

  • Ground into your physical temple body with beauty rituals that nourish your feminine essence

  • Strengthen your sensual body with dance, and movement to activate body wisdom, and feminine power

  • Connect to the magic of the elements to awaken your feminine power & wisdom


Crone Initiation

The dark passage/shadow work

Reworking the root system of your life, to support more time, space and abundance.  You are the creator, learn to trust new inspired visions for your life and business. Navigating the unknown as you you move through the void. Your dreams are coming. Spiritual site is strong. Read the energy of your choices.


Shell Pathway
The Ancient Spiral

  • Harmoning to your cyclical nature as a sacred women.

  • Working with the natural feminine lunar and seasonal cycles

        • Finding flow in a sea of distraction. Learning to ebb and flow for radiant, magnetic energy management.

  • Do less, create MORE.

        • The wise woman knows how to build her energy and call in her desires. She is no longer running ragged to create the life of her dreams.


The Rose

Identifying your true dreams, desires, wants and needs.

Deepen your capacity to Receive your dreams. Clear more layers of unworthiness issues.

Core healing around the mother wound, inner child.

Connecting to the magic and flow of your sacred feminine

Unleashing her big dreams and giving her full permission to choose her highest fulfillment.


Crystal Queen & Diamond Dreams

        • Activating your divine feminine magnetism, manifesting magic, and power.

        • Increase your energetic bandwidth, so you can hold more, and do less. Learn to use your energy to magnizie and call in your desires with ease!

        • Begin calling in your BIG dreams, and BOLD goals as you rise into your MOST powerful beautiful Self.

        • Intuition Mastery!

        • Learn to read the energetic consequences of your choices for greater ease with aligned manifestation


Magical Feminine Prosperity VIP Day 2.0 Hours

Conscious Money Makeover & Prosperity Activation

Let it flow!! Become the vibrational energetic match to the New dreams, and desires you are calling in for your life. Learn manifestation power tools.


Birthing a new paradigm of money, rooted in divine feminine pricincles.


Align to the desires of our soul, and activate new levels of abundance mastery. Call in miracles on demand, and discover a whole new way of rewiring your world for unlimited money magic.


Make pleasure your most potent alley when it comes to manifesting more clients, money and opportunities with ease!


Learn to read your own Akashic Record to clear money blocks and other blocks to success!


Ignite Your Sacred Sexy Self Union

The final passage into your sacred path.

Your sacred Self emergencies Be the sacred women who is connected to her soul, and honours her vision for her life. Be in sacred union with your divine Self. Present yourself to the world as the visible empowered goddesses you truly are. Tell the world and the universe you are worthy of receiving EVERYTHING you are calling in for yourself.

Bring your inner masculine, inner child and inner feminine into complete harmony for your total resurrection and emergence as an empowered sacred women!


Come into oneness with your divine feminine Self. Experience limitless love for Self--  and radiate that out into the world.


Adorn yourself as the sacred women you truly are.


  • Learn to work with natural magic to call in your desires


Sister, do you feel the call to step into more?


More beauty, pleasure, abundance, freedom and self mastery.


I bet you also sense that who you were up until now will no longer support you in living the life you are being called to lead.


Deep down you know the old way no longer works, and you KNOW there is so much more of you that you want to share with the world.  You see the changes happening on the planet and there is a part of you longing to contribute to the healing and resurrection of new way of being on the planet.


This new way of being on the planet is the awakening of the feminine.


You see for thousands of years the feminine has been suppressed, caged,  and undervalued.


Now at this time on the planet we are awakening to a feminine perspective that is replenishing a new way of abundant being.


A state of being that allows us to move in rhythms that actually builds our energy, and calls to us our desires!


A state of being that is full, radiant and expansive.


A state of being that actually heals those around us as a natural consequence to being in our beauty.


The number one challenge I see most women come up against is the fear of taking up MORE space with that they want and who they feel called to be.


They worry that if they stop meeting the needs of everyone else that they may face abandonment, or rejection.


They worry that their bigger dreams and desires might be an inconvenience to those around them.


They fear that if they put their needs, wants, dreams, soul vision, desires and authentic expression before that of others that it will take away from those they care about when actually the MORE we give ourselves free and full permission to put our own purposeful expression first the more we give others permission to the same.




Transmute your pain into power, your wounds into wisdom, and your gifts into gold?


This is your time to elegantly rise from the ashes of your past, into the sovereign sacred, feminine, heart centered, soul led woman you were born to be.  


This is your time to write a personal story of true freedom, claiming your own radiant, empowered beauty, and soulful dreams.


Throughout the program you will be given tools & homework assignments that will guide you to create incredible self-empowerment shifts in your life.


Much of this comes from your guides, some of this comes from my personal tools box. Learn and understand how to work with your intuition to a higher degree, and create a powerful sacred practise that anchors you into your feminine power, intentions, and soul aligned desires.

Know you are worthy of receiving everything and MORE you are ready to have in your life. Including more money, better relationships, greater expression of your purpose.

We will focus on creating space in your life, that will honour you as the beautiful, divine woman you were born to be, so you can show up as your most beautiful, radiant authentic Self, trusting your guidance system to bring you into alignment with your soul aligned life & business...all without getting stuck in your old stories.

Together we will create a new empowering stories of truth and abundance that will shape your destiny as the powerful divine woman you were born to be.

Each session we will be clearing layers for your deeper healing, allowing you to feel free to move forward the way you truly desire.

Homework assignments are generally inspired by your guides and are designed to bring you into greater self-connection, and juicy radiance as a woman...so you feel full and expansive.


Feminine Soul Wisdom Empowerment Package Empowered Decision Savings

OPTION A) FULL PAY: $5000.00 (for the first 3 women)
& 48 Hour Quick Decision Empowered Savings!
To Make Full Payment Click Here:


OPTION B) 9 Month Payment Program Additional 20% :
$666.00 x 9 Month
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OPTION C) 9 Month Payment Program $1000 Deposit:
$1000 Down Payment  + $555.00 x 9 Month
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How the Feminine Soul Wisdom Empowerment Programs flows!


We will meet twice a month, every two weeks for our 60  minute Akashic Record, Soul Activation Sessions.

These sessions are done over the phone are recorded for you to refer back to again and again.


Please Note: This program will be customized to suit your unique needs and pathway.


Check Out Your Incredible Program Bonuses!

Soul Art Chakra Journey Library!
These are 8 pre-recorded Soul Art Chakra Journey’s that can be done at your own pace weekly, or monthly. As you move through each chakra you will heal, empower and realign your entire chakra system to support a massive life uplevel.


You can work through the chakra’s systematically OR you can refer to the library when you want to work on healing, aligning or empower a certain chakra.

This bonus is invaluable to your empowerment library!

These are pre-recorded calls that I offer LIVE monthly to my 6 Month Coaching Clients.
(Value $1000)


Bonus: Spirit Guide Training Audio
This is yours to refer back to again and again as you learn to access the wisdom of your entire spirit guide team!
(Value $97)

Bonus: Your Spirit is Guiding You Workbook to create a clear pathway to your soul aligned life and business. FYI: this workbook and it’s findings are generally paired with the a 90 min Feminine Soul Vision Quest, however I find that the workbook allows you to really see big picture what needs to come into play for more of your purposeful expression. You may choose to do the Feminine Soul Vision Quest as an added service at the end of the program to continue the momentum of this program. This is a beautiful addition for those women who want to create a purposeful stream of income using their gifts or understand more deeply how to take their gifts back out into the world.


Bonus: Moon Rhythm Journaling Templates to create flow, and connection to the wisdom of the moon. Cultivate nourishing rhythms that activate ease and alignment to your highest path and purpose.


Bonus: Soul Wisdom VIP Virtual New Moon Circle to drop in and attune with the rhythms of the moon.Group channelled message. Creative assignments.
*Access to a year's worth of New Moon & Full Moon circle recordings.*

Not sure if this is for you? Book a discovery call by emailing tara.preston@sacredfemininepath.com


See what others are saying about working with Tara


Goddess Kathy has to say this:

Dear Beautiful Woman,

How do I know to address you as Dear Beautiful Woman?

Because i am one and you are too. I didn't always feel this way about myself. Sure , I had confidence in my abilities, but the actual deep seated glory of loving myself fully was once hidden by fear and guilt.

My journey hit fast forward when I signed up for coaching with Tara Preston with her "Awakening the Glamour Goddess" program.

She gently and intuitively guides you through a methodical  process of cleansing and healing and discovering and creating the life you truly long for!

When I have resisted ,Tara has held out her hand and helped me uncover more healing that i needed, without any judgement. She truly wants the best for you and I feel her love .

She has inspired me to be me, in all my glory!

I can't wait to meet the goddess that is you,

love and joy,



Goddess Melissa has to say this:


Thank you, thank you, thank you Tara! I'm so thrilled you reached out to me for this program! I'm connecting to my inner Goddess and my higher self more and more and I'm so grateful!

The major breakthrough for me was, by healing  my relationship with myself, all of my relationships healed at some level!

I've discovered that by loving myself, everything else just falls into place!

Tara helped me see my light because her light is so bright.  She comes from a place of love and I feel completely comfortable and safe under her care and guidance.

And, I didn't tell you that since doing your intuition exercises with the cards and pendulum, using all of your guidance, my readings (for myself) have been spot on and crystal clear!!!  


Goddess Patricia, Money & Lifestyle Coach

Through my work with Tara,  I have discovered (and powerfully claimed)  a clearer vision of what my purposeful direction is. Of course the purposeful direction was not showing up the way I thought & that is more exciting than what I had concluded it had to look like!!!


I discovered gratitude for my body! I realized that I was always 'working' on my being & excluding my body. This journey got me in touch with my body with a sense of gratitude that I words cannot explain. I now listen to my body & what it is communicating to me. I do not judge it like I used to & this in itself has created a change in my body.


I feel sexier & more deserving & worthy of so many more things. I have totally come out of hiding!


I am choosing more for me! I always considered others before  I made a choice. Now, I am still aware of them but choose what will be the greatest contribution for me which in turn is unlocking them as well.


Here are some of my favourite parts of the journey:

- All the clearings from the Akashic Records. I have done a lot of energy work on areas that I felt stuck but they never really felt like they were taken care of. The clearing of the records totally shifted that for that good!! SO deep and SO powerful! - so grateful for that!


Goddess Karla, Wellness Coach for Women, Spiritual Healer

I had never coached before I worked with Tara. The Akashic Records and her intuitive guidance facilitated healing work that really allowed me to step into the women I was being called to be...and at the perfect pace.

It really did give me the clarity and confidence to step out and be seen in my beauty and power.

She was supportive, loving and really genuine in her desire to assist me with moving into more of my purpose in life & business.

Thank you so much Tara. I will never forget this!


Barb Spendalow, Radiant Women Rising Year Long Business Mastermind Graduate
Business Owner, Bowen Practitioner
I just want to day that last piece we did for me changed everything and I believe it has taken major effect. I am now moving forward with the next level of training for my work and have come to terms with so much in my life. I am ready for the world to see fully who I am and the woman I have yet to finish becoming. Thank you for your patience, guidance and support. You have helped me tremendously. I am excited to be continuing with you. We will continue to grow together long afterwards. Hugs and all the love I have to you for the impact you have made on my life. You are true angel in my life through this major life transition! I don’t know what I would have done without you.


I looooved our call today by the way!!!!! I was reminded again of why I love each and everyone of  them so much!!!! Thank you Tara!!!


Other program offerings & other bonuses to support your transformation:

  • Your Spirit’s Guiding You Workbook

  • Moon Rhythms Templates

  • Checklists

  • Intuitive Soul Coaching to guide you into alignment with your highest path and purpose

  • Email support as you navigate breakthroughs

  • 2 - 1 hour guidance/coaching/akashic sessions with Tara a month to uplevel your life.

  • 1 -90 Minute Sacred Beauty Guided Journey to awaken your true beauty. (Value $379)

  • 1- 90 MIN Kickstart VIP Session (Value $749)

  • 1 Self guided Intuitive Bodymapping Journey to bust through deep blocks in any life area

  • On-going Akashic Record clearing work to remove the gunk that clouds your path, empowerment, inner beauty, and growth of your purposeful business.

  • Cellular reprogramming of subconscious old beliefs & patterns to break free quickly.

  • Cellular up-level as you drop old ways of being and step into your full beauty & purpose.

  • Clear intuitive insight & soul guidance to navigate your alignment into your purpose quickly and with ease

  • Access to your spirit guide team for clarity and energetic expansion.

  • Access to your higher self wisdom via Tara to navigate your path with extreme clarity

  • On-going access to Tara’s channelled wisdom for your soul path. (This is huge for bringing in clarity and moving past blocks you can’t see on your path!! Clearing these blocks alone will accelerate your purposeful emergence.)

  • Monthly private full moon virtual women’s circle with Tara and her other VIP clients where she gives you a love infused space to sink into, as well as a variety of tools throughout the year for your personal sacred practise.

  • 1 Year access to monthly group training calls covering a variety of empowerment topics.

  • An 8 Month Chakra Realignment Journey held virtually once a month. Starting January 11t, 2018.. (Value $1000)

  • 1 year access to Tara’s private Facebook community.

  • Spirit Guide Training Audio (Value $97)

  • Basic Akashic Record Audio Training
    Pre recorded training Audio, and cheat sheets to learn how to clear your own Akashic Record of blocks as you move forward on your sacred path.
    (Value $197)

  • On-going assignment, to NOURISH the feminine inside of you, and deepen into greater authentic and creative self-expression.



Payment Options:


“Yes, Tara , my preferred payment option is checked below:”

⦁    Payment Option 1 – (Empowered Decision Savings Option within 48 hours)

⦁    Payment Option 2 – Full Payment

⦁    Payment Option 2 – Monthly Payment Plan

Payment Option #1 Empowered Decision Savings Option

$1000.00 off of Full $8,997 if decision made within 48 hours!!

Total Investment: $7, 997

Payment Option #2 “Full Payment” after 48 hours

$8,997 Investment

$1997 – Upon enrollment

$7000 – Balance payable in 20 business days, by [DATE]


Payment Option #3 “Monthly Payment Plan”

$1097 payment upon enrollment

9 Additional Monthly Payments of $1097

Subsequent payments will be charged every 30 days.

Final payment will be [DATE], 2016.



NOTE: This program price does not include a done for you professionally built web site.