" When we get really clear on who we are being called to be as sacred women, what we need and desire to thrive, and FULLY claim all of that for ourselves without apology — the UNIVERSE RESPONDS ACCORDINGLY". Tara Preston




Through Tara's Feminine Prosperity Activation Sessions she brings to light your gifts, soul's purpose and divine feminine beauty so you can flow with the ease, pleasure and abundance you truly desire!


Tara's holds a compassionate space of love and non-judgment that allows women to move into greater visible authentic expression in every area of life, unleashing the fulfillment they want quickly moving through YEARS (not to mention lifetimes), or blocks, pain and wounding.


Tara provides the clearing work, and energetic alignment needed to confidently shine as the abundant, powerful sacred women they truly are.

Women often find after a single session that they are able to create changes quickly, and find it much easier to celebrate the true divine beauty that they really are, naturally attracting MORE of what they want: money, clients, relationships and opportunities!


During a session with Tara she aligns the beauty or your limitless feminine essence clearing old karmic blocks rooted in patriarchal conditioning, so you can flow forward with the self-loving radiance you are naturally designed to.


The world needs the gifts, voices, and unique perspective of women at this time more than ever however often there are layers of healing needed to unlock the free true expression of the woman you desire to be.  These sessions activate, align, and clear the way for you to share your bold divine feminine beauty with with the world at this time.The past life healing that often comes through in a single session can be a wound that a woman may have experienced her whole life opening way for greater abundance movement forward.


Are You wanting:

--A direct line to your higher self & guide team for next steps on your sacred path?

--To uncover greater expression of your divine feminine beauty, wisdom and soul purpose?

--Quick manifestation, money breakthroughs or momentum for your life or business?


Goddesses, and goddesspreneur’s you were never meant to exist in struggle, exhaustion, or lack.  There is nothing divine about feeling limitation or being stuck in a current way of being that we know deep down does not serve the true beauty of our blossoming abundant purpose as sacred women.


INSIDE OF YOU LIVES MANY DIVINE FEMININE ARCHETYPES: you are a goddess, healer, queen, high priestess, witch, oracle, midwife.


Very often women come to me for c-l-e-a-r-i-n-g work around soul-level wounds created through past life experiences where we have been persecuted for being in our sacred beauty, truth, and spiritual POWER as divine women. Often time women have karmic stories playing out around money, lack and our value as women.

THESE BLOCKS LOOK LIKE: contracts, old karmic patterns, illusions, and old p-r-o-g-r-a-m-m-i-n-g that prevents you from EMBRACING their divine feminine abundance,  gifts, beauty, and the fullness of your true feminine power.



And when you are in your power you become magnetic!


So, NOW is your time to release the old, and rebirth your most beautiful & magnetic self in true alignment with your feminine soul.                


With the ancient wisdom and healing powers of the Akashic Records we have the opportunity to clear heavy old, outdated karmic patterns that are rising to the surface to be released once and for all.


Through the Akashic Records I am able to see the original blueprint of your soul, while simultaneously clearing the blocks and restrictions that are currently restricting the natural, abundant expression of your true divine nature.





Is this a cure all? NO! But these sessions do provide the deepest level of healing work (some would even say the deepest level available on the planet today)  therefore getting to the very ROOT of blocks that many other modalities can not.


Each sessions gives you the clearing work, energetic support, and intuitive guidance that will quickly align you to what you truly want more of, and where you are feeling guided to go.

It's not uncommon for women to feel like they have lost pounds of energetic weight even after one session.


The soul is much older than just this experience alone, and at this time of accelerated growth on the planet, the Akashic Records provide the deepest level of healing with additional clarity and alignment that moves you forward very quickly.


The blocks that are cleared can show up through any area of life (we are whole beings after all), and once cleared can allow you to realign various aspects of your true limitless nature to that which you are desiring to create.


We are always being guided to greater love, and more abundance.


These sessions are fast faced, empowering, and deeply healing, moving you forward past karmic & ancestral blocks once and for all. It’s not uncommon after one session for a women to comment that she feels like she has literally lots pounds of energetic weight!

Fall Conscious Women in Business Special

for the month of September or when 5 Spots are filled!

90 MIN Feminine Prosperity Activation Session
Investment $597 USD Only

To book your Feminine Prosperity Activation Session please click on the link below and make secure payment.

PAY IN FULL - $597

PAYMENT PLAN - 2x bi-monthly payment of $344 USD

 Each Akashic Healing sessions clears an energetic layer, while continuously realigning you to more of the divine, radiant, powerful women you were born to be. 

When you are aligned and in your power that's where true magic happens in your business & life.


Set the stage for the rest of 2019 NOW, and take advantage of one of these super powerful sessions!


We are at such an amazing time in our evolution here on the planet, where aligning to our sacred path as women is more and more accessible, however often soul level blocks from many many previous incarnations create disempowering blocks that keep us cycling through old, OLD patterns where we hide our light, and dim our brilliance.



So, if you are feeling heavy, weighed down, and tired of the crap that’s been following you around for the last year (not to mention decades) and YOU KNOW you NO longer want to be anything less than the radiant, purpose driven, powerful,  women you were born to be...here is your opportunity to experience a delicious soul-level clearing and activation session that naturally (and gracefully) realigns you to your sacred path, beauty and truth.



What is included:

  • Channelled wisdom from your Akashic Record, higher self and guide team

  • Alignment to your authentic path & purpose based business through the identification of your primary divine soul-level gifts, and galactic heritage (understand your mission)

  • Relationship blocks

  • Deep Soul-level clearing work around stepping out with more of your unique wisdom, beauty, truth and gifts,

  • Money blocks cleared

  • Issues around doubt, fear, hesitation, low self worth and resentment cleared.

  • Feminine wound healing

  • Blocks to self-love(increasing your ability own your worth & receive more in every area of life)

  • Blocks around accessing your true divine power & potential as a woman

  • Spiritual beauty prescription checklist from your guide team to realign you to your divine radiance and sacred path for 2018.


Your higher self is the beautiful north star that guides you through this experience and contains a wealth of wisdom around your highest path and purpose.

Tara uses both your higher self wisdom,  your guide team, and the ancient wisdom of the akashic records to bring through a highly accurate reflection of both your natural divine beauty (gifts, mission, wisdom, soul-level nature), and issues (spiritual, emotional, mental) clouding the way you truly desire to more authentically to show up in every area of life!


Please understand that the blocks being cleared with vary depending your next level! 


During your 60 Min session we look at the first major life issue that is ready to be cleared, while energetically activating your beauty, truth and power. This generally contains 2 to 3 deep soul-level blocks. 90 Min sessions will go 3 to 4 layers deep with and is a FULL clearing and can include as many 8 to 10 soul-level blocks.


Be on one of the hundreds of women to have worked with Tara!


Her Akashic Work spans over the last 7 years...


Fall Conscious Women in Business Special

for the month of september or when 5 Spots are filled!

90 MIN Feminine Prosperity Activation Session
Investment $597 USD Only

To book your Feminine Prosperity Activation Session please click on the link below and make secure payment.

PAY IN FULL - $597

PAYMENT PLAN - 2x bi-monthly payment of $344 USD

Once payment is made you will be contacted via email to make your booking!

Please also reach out through email at: tara.preston@sacredfemininepath.com or message me with questions.

Step into your power, truth & beauty NOW!!

Clear the path forward now and embrace the light your true divine goddess self.



Tara is an exceptionally gifted woman who has the ability to uncover layers of our akashic records that hold vital information to releasing our money blocks. She is patient and is great at explaining spiritual concepts that will resonate with you to your core! In a single session, I had three deep major limiting beliefs get cleared - and I came back to new career opportunities in my inbox immediately after the session"!

"I highly recommend Tara to anyone who is open to looking beneath the surface"!

Selena Moon (Noreen Kassam) is an entrepreneur, healer, writer, and facilitator of transformational workshops, retreats, and events including.


Illuminate Your Magic.

Toronto, Ontario


"I Just wanted to send out a quick shout out to Tara Preston! I had an Akashic Records session with her today and it was AMAZING! So much clarity, insight + healing in just one session. Feeling liberated on so many levels"!

"Tara, you are making me reconsider what a precious gift it is to be a healer".

Anna Frolick, Spiritual Teacher & Wealth Creation Mentor


"When I signed up for an Akashic Record Reading with Tara, I had done a lot of clearing work around growing into my next (financial) level. I felt ready to step in. But every time the momentum was building, I would lose faith in it actually happening. This occurred about 4 or 5 times during previous months and I was curious to find out what Tara could tell me about this repeating pattern".


"It was, first of all, an absolute pleasure to connect with her bubbly and sparkly personality right from the bat. She opened a beautiful space for us to be in and invited me to sit back and listen to what she read in the records. What she then shared with me blew my mind. She described in great detail how, when and why this money pattern occurred and how it now showed up in my daily life. Her accuracy was so strikingly precise and made so much sense, that any argument my mind could possibly bring up to dismiss this, was instantly silenced. There truly was no other option than gracefully receive this clarity. And with that clarity, the clearing of this old limiting pattern".

"Tara then continued to hold space for me to connect with my next level woman. I was guided to integrate this woman in me and infuse my current energy with hers. I felt my heart and body opening up to receiving great love and abundance and am, ever since, able to fully indulge myself in the sweetness of life and all the beauty it has to offer us".

"I now AM that next level woman."

Nicole Olsthoorn, Author, Retreat Guide, Netherlands, UK

"I would highly recommend Tara's work to all women who may have a block or are looking to get some information on their feminine blueprint and how it relates to their soul's purpose in life & business. This reading was truly amazing and I cried during with aha moments and beautiful clarity coming through. I can feel a shift already and the energies lifting that needed to be moved on that no longer served me. Thank you for your beautiful gift to this world"!

Pauline Tigress Yoga Instructor, Australia xox




"Ok I am still sitting in awe of my clearing. Thank you so so much it was just what I needed and I know I will be working with you again!!! I'm not sure if I mentioned it but I don't work with many healers now.  I always feel I can "trust" you deeply with your work'!

I know you can hold the space for me for my uplevelment"!  Karla, Spiritual Guide, Coach, Canada


"Just wanted to thank you so much for that intuitive insight Tara. It has definitely started the ball rolling towards attracting more clients! I think that I I accepted that I could offer that price and owned it and started to really feel myself accepting the money coming to me!! Thank YOU!!


"Tara helped me see my light because her light is so bright.  She comes from a place of love and I feel completely comfortable and safe under her care and guidance".

Melissa, Healer, Saskatoon, Canada

"I'm so grateful that you've created such a beautiful package that includes a such deep clearing of blocks and patterns more. This session gave me so much clarity for my sacred path. I am really blessed to of experienced this with you and can't wait to recommend this to all my spiritual woman friends".

Brittany Zittman, Coach, United States


"Through my work with Tara,  I have discovered (and powerfully claimed)  a clearer vision of what my purposeful direction is. Of course the purposeful direction was not showing up the way I thought & that is more exciting than what I had concluded it had to look like!!! I am choosing more for me! So DEEP & so POWERFUL!"

Patricia, Highly Conscious Mama &  Luxury Lifestyle Coach

"Tara, I had a great weekend of intuition and fun ideas regarding my writing since our session! I was on a high from our session, listened to it again and am super excited"!! "You're awesome"!!

Michele, Author, Canada




— Tara Preston

Join Tara's private Facebook group for delicious daily divine abundant activations:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/bloomingfeminineprosperity/

Join Tara's private Facebook group for delicious daily divine abundant activations: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bloomingfeminineprosperity/